Frequently asked questions

ch00ze is a new way of doing takeout, so we know you will likely have questions!
Our FAQ's below aim to be as transparent as possible so you can understand and enjoy the ch00ze network to its fullest.

My account

Can I explore the app before registering?
Yes, you can click the "Explore the app" button at registration to explore the ch00ze app before you commit. You'll be prompted to register and provide a payment guarantee once you try to make your first borrow.
How do I delete my account?
You can request to delete your account by clicking on “delete my account” in profile section of the webapp, or by emailing We’ll first need to check you have returned all on loan items, then we can proceed with deleting your account.
How do I join ch00ze and activate my account?
Just visit or scan the ch00ze shop QR code at any partner outlet to join. You’ll need to register an account and add a payment guarantee before you can borrow any products.
My login link directs to a different browser than I wish to use
We are trialling using magic links, rather than passwords, as they are usually more convenient and safer. Your magic link will likely send you to your default browser.

Payment Guarantee

What methods of payment guarantee can I use?
You can use any credit card, or Apply Pay or Google pay. We will continue to add more options in the future.
I don't use your current payment methods - can I still use your app?
We're working to add more payment methods to make ch00ze as accessible as possible. We'll announce these updates via email when they happen.
Why do I need provide a payment guarantee?
By adding a payment guarantee, you can borrow multiple ch00ze items for free with no need for pesky deposits! Instead, you can borrow an item for a set period of time for free. Make sure to return within your free borrow period to avoid a charge.
How do I change my credit card details?
You can change your payment method in the Profile section of the webapp. Please note that you will need to return any on loan items before you can change your payment method.
What happens if I don’t return my borrowed product on time?
If a ch00ze product is not returned within the 7 day free borrow period, you will be charged a penalty equivalent to the cost of the product you have borrowed.
Does it cost me anything to join ch00ze for borrowing cups?
No, it is free of charge as long as you return your ch00ze products within the free loan period.

Borrowing Products

How do I borrow an item?
Simply scan the shop's ch00ze QR code (next to the point of sale) to load the webapp. Select "Borrow" and scan the items you want to borrow. Once confirmed, show the success screen to the shop worker to verify your borrow.
Where can I borrow ch00ze products?
Discover ch00ze partners, our participating F&Bs in the ch00ze webapp.
Can I borrow more than 1 ch00ze product at any one time?
Yes. You can borrow multiple ch00ze products at one time as long as you have added a payment guarantee.
Am I allowed to borrow another ch00ze product even if I have not yet returned the ones I have borrowed?

Returning Products

How do I return my item at a smart return station?
You can return some item types to our smart return stations in select locations. Simply scan your item against the station scanner and drop your item through the inlet!
Can another person return my products on my behalf?
Only our smart return stations can accept returns by others on your behalf. If you return to an in person shop, you will need to return via your webapp account.
How do I know when I have to return my borrowed ch00ze products?
Check your on-going products list to see the due date. We’ll also send you reminders 48 hours before your deadline through push notifications and email.
How do I return my item at shops?
Once you're at your return location, simply scan the shop QR code to load your webapp, and then click "Return" button and scan your item you're returning. Hand it back to the staff member.
Where can I return items I have borrowed?
You'll need to check which locations accept your product type. Simply click "See return locations" button on your ongoing item to find accepting locations.
If I have borrowed several ch00ze products, how do I check which cup will be due for return first?
Simply return any of the same product type and the system will adjust your deadline to give you the most flexibility. No need to worry about which item was borrowed first!
Can I still return my overdue products after being charged?
Yes, we want to get our ch00ze product back into circulation to fulfil their reusable destiny! We’ll provide a 50% refund of the penalty charge if the products are returned within 3 weeks of the charge.
Do I have to rinse my ch00ze products before returning?
Preferably yes. We would appreciate you emptying any leftovers and giving a quick rinse before returning to male the washing staff’s jobs a bit more pleasant. All returned ch00ze products undergo thorough washing by staff before being reused.

Hygiene & Safety

How do you ensure that the ch00ze products are hygienically cleaned before dispensing?
All of our ch00ze partners, participating F&Bs are obliged to wash and sanitize all ch00ze products, applying the same standard and procedures as washing for their dine in cups, before serving ch00ze products to customers.

ch00ze Product Info

Are the ch00ze products dishwasher safe?
Yes. Our ch00ze products are all dishwasher safe, they can be washed in any standard household or industrial dishwasher at high temperatures.
Are the ch00ze products microwave safe?
Some of our products are not microwave safe (eg. Stainless Steel cups or our TPE salad bowl lids). We generally advise against microwaving food/drinks in our products.
How are the ch00ze products disposed of and dismantled at their end of life?
It is our goal to prevent waste and keep our system circular, avoiding the creation of waste in landfills or oceans. We aim to work with responsible recyclers to ensure their end of life can become a new life!
What are the ch00ze products made from and how many times can they be reused?
We have many products made of different materials, such as stainless steel, polypropylene, silicone and TPE. They can all be reused hundreds of times!
Where are the ch00ze products from?
We are a packaging agnostic company, so we have many different returnable packaging suppliers. Our current products are sourced from both China and Europe.

Workplace Partnerships & Feedback

Can I provide some feedback?
We're keen to hear the ups and the downs of your experiences (hopefully they're all ups!) so that we can improve ch00ze. Please complete the in app support form, or email us at . We read every piece of feedback, and this always forms the basis of any upgrades/improvements of our product/service offering.
Would you consider a drop-off location outside of your network F&B partners?
Yes. We would always love to hear your suggestions. Please contact us via our zero waste partnerships form on our website. We are more than happy to invite your office or residential building or other property premises to join the ch00ze community!