Why does ch00ze exist?
Over 1 million
take-away coffee cups are consumed daily in Hong Kong.
Nearly all of these end up in landfill or the environment.

We're here to change that, by offering a new choice to break free from single use,
with ch00ze!

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ch00ze app showing a map of partner coffee shops

Show ch00ze ID to borrow a cup

Borrow a ch00ze cup QR ID page on app.

View your cup loan periods

Ongoing transactions list for any ch00ze cups that are currently borrowed on the app.  chooze

Return cup to see your impact!

The impact page to show how many cups have been saved from landfill by using app. chooze ch00ze

How it works

ch00ze show your ID reusable cup

Show your ch00ze ID to borrow

Step 1 customer and barista with their ch00ze coffee cups outside Meanwhile coffee shop in Sheung Wan.  Reuse & Return, zero waste project.

Enjoy your coffee in a better cup!

Step 2

Drop off a ch00ze cup and see your impact score

Drop off and see your impact

Step 3

How do I join

ch00ze app
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Our privacy policy can be found here

Borrow our cups for free for 7 days!
ch00ze is completely free to use, but a credit card is required to act as a guarantee if the cups are not returned after 7 days.
See our FAQ's for more info founder Tim Parker with his zero waste ch00ze coffee cup in Hong Kong.  The future of takeout with

We want to hear from you!

<<<<<< "Hi, I'm Tim, the founder of!

We're constantly looking to improve ch00ze, and can only do this by hearing from real customers and listening intently.

We'd love it if you were willing to share some thoughts on ch00ze on the form below, or if you leave your number, I'll personally follow up for a call."

Help us improve ch00ze
- share your thoughts!

Where can I ch00ze?

Borrow from any of our 30+ partner outlets,
Return to any of our 30+ partner outlets.

No need to return to the same outlet!

See all our ch00ze partner outlets partner - Sensory Zero, Olympian City, Hong KongMeanwhile cafe sheung wan partner - 18 grams coffee, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
"From beta testing version 1 at Uncle Russ Coffee until ch00ze version 2 now, I am proud to recommend ch00ze reusable cup, a revolutionary solution to single use plastic coffee cups. It's simple, time saving and most importantly, environment friendly."
ch00ze testimonial from Ang, owner of Uncle Russ Coffee, Pier 6, Central, Hong Kong
Owner, Uncle Russ Coffee Pier 6
ch00ze testimonial from Ang, owner of Uncle Russ Coffee, Pier 6, Central, Hong Kong
"One of those reason that our customers love to take part of the campaign it's because they feel encouraged since the apps show how many cups they saved together.

Some of them even invite their colleague to download the apps / group of them come to borrow cups together via 1 account."
ch00ze testimonial from Katol, owner of Coffee & Laundry, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Owner, Coffee & Laundry, Sheung Wan
ch00ze testimonial from Katol, owner of Coffee & Laundry, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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"Takeaway doesn't need to be throwaway!"

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