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Our moonshot:

A circular Hong Kong with no waste, no bins, and a net zero economy.

Why does ch00ze exist?
Over 1 million
take-away coffee cups are consumed daily in Hong Kong.
Nearly all of these end up in landfill or the environment.

We're here to change that, by offering a new choice to break free from single use,
with ch00ze!

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The impact page to show how many cups have been saved from landfill by using app. chooze ch00ze

Your new morning routine - coffee with impact!

ch00ze show your ID reusable cupHandsome guy enjoying a coffee in his ch00ze reusable cupImpact tablet ch00ze

1. Show your ch00ze ID to borrow

2. Enjoy your coffee in our stylish reusable cup

3. Drop off and see your impact

How do I join

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Our privacy policy can be found here

*Please note that in order to avoid paying a deposit, a credit card is required to guarantee your cup borrows.
We will ONLY charge this card if a cup is not returned within the 7 day borrow period. You can find out more on our
FAQ's page.  

Our fantastic ch00ze partners kickstarting the #reuserevolution in Sheung Wan!

Cupping room Sheung Wan ch00zeEspresso Remedy, Sheung Wan, ch00zeGreen Door coffee ch00ze
knead sheung wan ch00zeMeanwhile cafe sheung wan ch00zeTing island Kaffe sheung wan ch00ze

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"Takeaway doesn't need to be throwaway!"

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